The main CRIMINAL Culprit is ” Steven Hourmouzis” in Australia who operates numerous forums and sells under different names who claims he is a legitimate business. Here is his Own  History to date. .

1) Imprisoned for Scamming and Fraud and using the internet for perpetrating his scam 1999 Read more

2) Forced by US to refund one Victim $8000 who allowed us to show proof  ” PUBLICLY” of the purchase and and what he found wrong with Hourmouzis Roulette Computer and his paper system over an 8 month period after we revealed how Hourmouzis scammed Tony from France. See what the customer found here .

3) 2013 JULY Recently been investigated and reported to the FBI, one Smart guy went above the Police and the Governing ACCC that regulates businesses to FILE A FEDERAL CASE against Hourmouzis and successfully Sued him in an AUSTRALIAN COURT OF LAW for THEFT. The Courts found Hourmouzis business addresses to be all Bogus. When the courts investigating Officers look into it further it was found that Hourmouzis claims to be Destitute of no Fixed address which is partially true. But his accounts were found to have nearly  $50,0000 in Australian Dollars, most of the money coming form his online roulette scams. The address he is currently at is rented and he owns no properties like he claims. The rented property is shared by Kylie Tjepkema and she  also became liable for half of the theft from the victim and is involved in the online theft of peoples money. Anyone wanting to join in a joint ” CLASS ” Claim against Hourmouzis simply have to just send me their name and address and proof of purchase. It will not cost you anything at all and you will be entitled to a full refund. The Police and ACCC are now looking into his business affairs and Criminal Activities.


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Steven Hourmouzis posts under many aliases on message boards, Gamblots, Doublezero, Stephano, ect to attack competitors or his upset customers writing about his products. But now his anger has got the better of him, not only have I received threatening Emails from him directly about what he is going to do regarding distributing Lies about me, but he’s now claiming that I Attack old people, that I am wanted by the Police in the UK and I have fled to Norway.He claims I am a Predator of young girls. Its all pretty sick stuff and shows what sort of person he is. All IP’s at the time were captured by the boards administrators who kindly help supply the Police in Lilydale,Melbourne, Australia and in  due course to the Federal Police in Australia. I seriously do not think this guy is right in the head. Here is the many IPs supplied by various message board hosts proving it was him writing under fake names.
Here is a screen shot of the sorts of things he claims about people if they up set him.
Click on the link  below, there is no limits to how low this person will go, and why, because his victims post the truth here. This is the liar and real hourmouzis when he loses his temper. Click the images below to enlarge
He also claims I am a sexual predator of young girls amongst claiming other rubbish about other people, namely another competitor and one of his victims Tony

He also personally attacks competitors (believe it or not, I am not the only one) in the most vile and despicable way by lying about them, claiming all sorts of fabricated dirt about their products, their character even insinuating that they are criminals and are scamming people. Lets be fair, not everyone can use a roulette computer even if it worked, it does mean the operator could be at fault. But the facts are that many sales of a paper system that could never have worked at his site means that there is a high level of people wanting refunds. I have had probably at a guess a 100 complaints, I use to delete them, but eventually I started saving them, asking for proof of purchase and directing them to the ACCC in Australia. This is how this site became into existence.  There is also evidence that his phones do not work either. Whether his new phones do, who knows, but we are talking with customers with proof of purchase and dates who wish to be refunded has promised by Mr Hourmouzis himself. The promise of 200% later changed to a 100% refundable guarantee if you found his products not to work.

For me setting up this site with the VICTIMS I have been the target of much abuse from Mr hourmouzis, it has caused much distress and anxiety, even on one occasion he phoned my home and said that he wished me fucking dead, whooo, that would be too good for you, I will have you put in a wheelchair. He repeatedly kept stating this. He has now started posting round the net that I am a criminal that preys on old people and that I am a predator of young girls to put people off dealing with me. I have to admit I think the guy has mental issues.The Trading Standards have been contacted in Australia for unethical business practices and the Police. Many of his members have contacted me concerned about his behaviour and it has revealed his dark sided sick nature and ideas of revenge all because he cannot offer the same safe deal to people of a 10% deposit. We also allow payment through PayPal and Ebay offering further protection. He does not!

He now mail shots his members base with slander and abuse aimed at us of a very serious and vile sickening nature, this has been passed onto the Police who are currently looking into it and the FBI. I sincerely hope that there is an end to this persons Sick behaviour. IPs from his computer using Telstra history, targeted and message boards are all been put together for case. On top of that, I have addressed every one of his claims about me to the POLICE with evidence and I want him charged for not only theft of my original software , but the years of abuse and suffering this vile sick individual has caused me through his jealousy and poor failings in his own life.

Example, he claims I said the NWML National Weight and measures endorsed my product, I never did, I said they viewed my products working on a level wheel and I was in negotiations with them with something else. I can send anyone the original email directly if they so wish for evidence. But Hourmouzis twists everything to make me look like a liar.


But the main reason he is angry is because I am allowing my products to be purchased on a 10% purchase agreement and bringing to peoples attention that anyone claiming to have a product that predicts roulette and works like ours do, would allow the buyer to deposit 10% of the total cost until they actually try the product.  I brought out a mobile phone with software a few years ago and did the same, he was really miffed. I have not done this to upset him, but to expose any seller of such equipment that if they claim what they say as true, then they should be able to offer a 10% deposit on their equipment until fully tested by the purchaser.