Roulette Computers

We Exposed and Roulette in Australia for ineffective products and his list of Victims who purchased his scam. His Roulette Computers do not work and his Paper system does not work. One guy had both for over 8 months, paid $8000 dollars and only lost money. Be careful of this extremely dishonest and manipulative person, he has done time in prison before for internet Fraud ans scamming, we show his victims and his court case and a lot more.

We was the first people to sell genuine roulette computers commercially in the world at, we was also the first person to use a single switch system for taking timings and the first people to allow the press, scientists and mathematicians to come and view and test our roulette computers in person.

We was also the first to expose the scam and the owner of the site Steven Hourmouzis  after we spotted him using dealer signature in his videos to make you believe his roulette computers were effective.  Also avoid and ( Do not confuse this with genuine sites with the same name –,, are genuine sites and ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE CRIMINAL HOURMOUZIS WHO LIVES IN AUSTRALIA)

How the scam is done . .

Here is a screen shot of what to look for and how he does the scam, you would never ever find these conditions in a real casino!

bagoexposeshourmouzisThe best home videos are here

This site is a collection of information and hard evidence found around the net like Hourmouzis Prison sentence, His victims proof of purchase and them asking for his guaranteed refund that he promised. It has been put together by his victims so that they might luckily be heard by the Authorities in Australia and something done about this person. One of the victims managed to speak to his wife posing as one of her friends on Facebook and she reveals his lies and BS.

The scam video used to sell his products can be downloaded at several sites distributed by his upset customers, but in every case, he uses a COMMON DEALER SIGNATURE to influence where the ball will land so you think hes predicting the outcome, but hes manipulating where the ball will fall.

Download site 1

Download site 2

The Videos are created by third parties who wish to expose Hourmouzis for the criminal and fraud he is. We are not responsible for the hosting the material, we are simply pointing at the material. Obviously Mr Hourmouzis is fueled by rage and keeps getting them removed because it exposes his scam. If his videos were genuine like he claims, he would allow us to distribute them as an advertisement for his systems surely?

Mr Steven hourmouzis never developed his own roulette computer from scratch, but reverse engineered one of our early programs that could not be used on todays wheels, this is why he has to physically manipulate the footage( called Dealer Signature and well known about to seasoned players). If he could make my old footage work on these modern wheels, then he would need to orchestrate this scam.  He added some features to make it look convincing that he had developed his products,he did not.

Anything I write about Mr Hourmouzis is a matter of fact backed up with Court case accounts, his own video footage condemning his unethical manipulation of the wheel and REAL email contacts from his purchasers, after all they are who you should be speaking too, not me, just his victims!

So, as you can see, most of the info does not come from me at this site, it comes from himself and his customers!

Here you can see his manipulation of the wheel where he uses Dealer signature and manipulation of the wheel, there is no system there and these conditions would Never ever happen in a real casino, its a fraudulent plot to make you part with your money, I was the only person to spot this. Check it yourself, his video and an explanation of how its done is at this site.

If you strongly believe his products work simply ask him to take you to the casinos and show you himself, that should be fun!
He has been imprisoned for fraud for only gaining b$7000 Australian dollars, yet claims to have had workable roulette computers long before this, before he approached me, he had never heard or seen of a roulette computer! FACT!

Years ago He wanted to distribute my computer and sent me an email under a slightly different name of Stefano Hourmouzis claiming it was wonderful and that it worked brilliantly. He sent up a site to be a reseller, everyone knows about this publicly and he gave my computer positive reviews, but claimed he had improved the software after having it for only 3 days (and doubled the price), which is impossible mathematically and practically, as he had no code to play with. I then decided not to allow him to be a reseller because of his false claims, I would not agree with his unethical lies to promote the product and declined the supplying of his products. He had a limited version of my code which would not work fully anyway because before I shipped it to him, I did a seach on him and found out that after paying me in his real name Steven Hourmouzis, that he had been imprisoned for fraud. Had I know this, I would have never shipped the item and refunded his payment at the time.
Later on, he employed someone to reverse engineer my code, bear in mind this is an old program now as well and he he messed about with it claiming it was his own development. for a short while, when I found so much rubbish on him, he made a public apology on a site and revealed he had stolen my software, the only way i can prove it now is for him to sit a lie detector test!

So as you can rightly see, I am not happy that a criminal has sort of stolen my product, re badged it as his own,and in the process slandered me to high heaven claiming all sorts of rubbish and that anything I do, he claims its lies , but I have proved him wrong so many times, its boring now and I am not interested in this person whatsoever. He has a lot of enemies looking for him, upset customers etc.

He also claimed his wife was a model, shes not and that his videos were from million pound offices, turns out that he filmed it in his living room and that she his definitely no modellike he claims, along with the rest of his silly lies. I believe that people like this will eventually meet a sticky ending of their own accord. He had not only slated me, but other sellers, he claims most of the other sellers are me selling under a different name and that anyone that writes badly about him is me under a different name, the guy is a lunatic! I can prove this and give you examples and you can contact these other people yourself!

If I had an address for this toe wrag in the UK I would drag him through the courts backwards, but some people never learn you know. THERE IS SO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAINING TO ME THAT I AM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT HIM!  I now just pass them on to the correct authorities to complain to and let them deal with it.

For the record, there is other sellers out there selling roulette computers and I have the worlds biggest collection, including Mt Hourmouzis product so I think I know what I am talking about when it comes to roulette computers, I own the site and I praise people who have genuine devices and currently he is the only one that has a device that his a scam because of his footage that you can check yourself here on this site !

But hey, if you want to trust a former criminal done for fraud, then that’s your choice, but its certainly not my opinion that Mr Hourmouzis is a crook, its fact backed up with hard evidence from his unsatisfied customers and scamming fraudulent video.

They guy lied about me and my products profusely to line his own pockets with a feeble copy of my software that is NOT suitable for modern Roulette wheels, I don,t need to lie about him, just show the truth, thats enough if if people still want to deal with him, they must be crazy or insane!


Mark Howe