Genuinewinner software theft

Hourmouzis again taken to court and prosecuted along with his Wife Kylie Tjepkema who is also involved in the scam.


The main CRIMINAL Culprit is ” Steven Hourmouzis” in Australia who operates numerous forums and sells under different names who claims he is a legitimate business. Here is his Own  History to date. .

1) Imprisoned for Scamming and Fraud and using the internet for perpetrating his scam 1999 Read more

2) Forced by US to refund one Victim $8000 who allowed us to show proof  ” PUBLICLY” of the purchase and and what he found wrong with Hourmouzis Roulette Computer and his paper system over an 8 month period after we revealed how Hourmouzis scammed Tony from France. See what the customer found here .

3) 2013 JULY Recently been investigated and reported to the FBI, one Smart guy went above the Police and the Governing ACCC that regulates businesses to FILE A FEDERAL CASE against Hourmouzis and successfully Sued him in an AUSTRALIAN COURT OF LAW for THEFT. The Courts found Hourmouzis business addresses to be all Bogus. When the courts investigating Officers look into it further it was found that Hourmouzis claims to be Destitute of no Fixed address which is partially true. But his accounts were found to have nearly  $50,0000 in Australian Dollars, most of the money coming form his online roulette scams. The address he is currently at is rented and he owns no properties like he claims. The rented property is shared by Kylie Tjepkema and she  also became liable for half of the theft from the victim and is involved in the online theft of peoples money. Anyone wanting to join in a joint ” CLASS ” Claim against Hourmouzis simply have to just send me their name and address and proof of purchase. It will not cost you anything at all and you will be entitled to a full refund. The Police and ACCC are now looking into his business affairs and Criminal Activities.

Originally Steven Hourmouzis stole my software from my computer, I could not prove it for a fact, but it was pretty obvious. He had asked me if he could be a reseller, I agreed initially and he said he wanted to purchase the roulette computers for half price after trying one of them out and it proving successful. It was only when I looked on his site that I were horrified to see that he had put the price tag up to $4000 and claimed he improved the program to make twice as powerful. They are many witness to this on message board. I contacted him immediately stating I did not want to be part of his claims about my products and that he was lying, it was impossible to do what he had claimed in just 3 days if at all. it was a pattern I was to see for the next 10 years, his false lies and claims.

He immediately changed the review to a negative one about my products and created the identical computer( the one I had sold him) claiming it was his product and that it was twice as good as mine. This was just him throwing a tantrum and as time went by, I found he had managed to copy the software.  not absolutely sure, but years later, when I was contacted by one of his customers who had found his wifes facebook, I realised that after the revelations she revealed, that his game was up. I went public with the info, and he set up a site for nearly a week apologising to me for stealing my original software on the hope I would remove the content of his lies and deceit. It also revealed where he lived. Here is a guy that has stole my business, my ideas and to boot, published a complete load of rubbish about me on the net to compete. Luckily, I have improved my products no end and the best bit is that I can offer my products for 10% deposit, until you know they work and Paypal and Ebay protection on your sale. This he cannot do, because years later he tried to really develop his own roulette computer in a phone himself. It did not work, you had to enter the wheel timings say 3000 for a  3sec /rev rotor. Then what if the dealer changed it to a 4 second per revolution the next spin, the dealer does not spin the rotor exactly the same every spin, it was apparent that his product not only did not work, it was the most clumsy and impractical piece of junk and did not predict. A customer Bago(Tony from France) gives the facts about his products that he claims makes him millions from his teams around the world (cough Cough) Its actually Fraud making false statements about his products abilities.



Link to material

Ion Saliu (gambling researcher) the ORIGINAL Creator of the Genuinewinner system has Steven Hourmouzis’s videos removed form youtube for copyright infringement. Read more of the Facts here.

Thread: Intent to Disrupt: Disgruntled Members, Pirates, Haters, Jealousy Attackers


  1. Hatred and Piracy

    In truth, that disgruntled bunch of paid members represent just a low percentage of the group who badly wants me down. I’ve talked about them many times. They are competing authors and developers in the gambling and lottery fields. The casinos also attack me because my theories and systems threaten the interests of the gambling business.

    This is one of the most common things on the Internet: Piracy. I really am one of the most favorite sources of piracy. Just about everything I create is pirated sooner rather than later. I presented only one case of my lottery and gambling systems being pirated on eBay. There are more of them, as I have been informed.

    First, however, everything I discover or create is virulently attacked. No rocket science here: Those who viciously attack me are mainly those who belong in the first paragraph.

    There is also a special category of attackers: The future pirates of my systems, theories, software. The wormy brains do believe that, by attacking me, I would fold-up shop and run away. That way, they falsely believe, they would have green light to pirate my creations — and thusly make a buck or two off my efforts without challenge.

    Here is one of the most blatant cases. In May of 2009, I discovered that an Australian group under the umbrella of started to offer one of my roulette systems … as theirs! And what a price the charged: 2500 dollars! The ring leader appears to be one Stefano Hourmouzis (a.k.a. Steve or Steven in gambling forums) who first courted me, then attacked me. The roulette system was heavily advertised on the Internet, plus on YouTube, plus a television documentary. “Roulette System That Won Millions!” “We consider which HALF of the wheel the ball landed in!” 

    The roulette system was based on my discovery of a gambling system based on the hemispheres or the halves of the roulette wheel. You can read about the piracy in detail and see also the original YouTube video here:

    “Roulette System That Won Millions!”

    Curiously, Stefano Hourmouzis started with attempts to … befriend me! He did post positively about me in public forums. I avoid now befriending in gambling matters. I tried up until a few years ago. The would-be “friends” belong in one of two categories.

    One, the guys make nice with me, by email only, until they get as much info from me as possible. I had a case of two self-proclaimed skilled computer programmers. The guys even sent me links to their websites (who knows if they really owned those sites?!). Briefly, they got quite a bit gambling info from me — and then they disappeared!

    Two, there are casino moles and agents who also want to get as much as possible from me. It’s a preemptive form of action for them.

    It is natural for me now not to be friends or even get too close to the Stefano Hourmouzis(s) of the world.

    Naturally also, I filed complaints with pertinent agencies regarding the piracy. There were two dramatic events following my legal complaints.

    One, The pirates themselves decided to stop the distribution of my roulette system (as their piracy). It happened in August of 2009.

    In October of 2010, I found out that YouTube dropped the Stefano Hourmouzis – video on the grounds of piracy and copyright infringement. The video only displays this message: ”This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”
    More details on the following Web pages:

    “Roulette System That Won Millions!”
    Illegal Roulette System, Piracy, Roulette Computer Sales Stopped by Law.
    Free and Expensive Roulette Systems: Honesty, Fraud, Scams, Casinos.
    Roulette Gambling Systems, Fraud, Piracy, Stealing.

    Honestly, I accept some legitimacy in complaints leveled at yours truly. Most of them complaints are genuine. Such complaints are related to my lottery software and come from people with low computer skills. Yes, my lottery software is complex as it is founded on complex mathematics (theory of probability, especially). The users in this category are preponderantly late in age, or have low levels of English skills. Also, there are users who want to win the lottery big, but with the least effort and in the shortest time. I wish I had their time in playing the lottery by using my software! How easy is it to write software like mine?! Granted, I’ve done it for glory, especially at the subconscious level…

    But all these legitimate complaints are rare and far in between compared to the hatred-fueled complaints against me. The latter bunch is so intensely hateful!

    Ion Saliu
    The most pirated man alive (and kicking!)

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    Thumbs down Steven (Stefano) Hourmouzis has a criminal record!

    He served time in jail, in 2000, in Australia. His case was reported on Australian Broadcasting Corporation, October 25, 2000:

    “Steven Hourmouzis, with no prior convictions, had his home raided by Federal Police.

    Last week, the 24-year-old pleaded guilty to misleading and deceptive conduct and to interference with a computer.

    For every cyber-crime on the Internet, there are electronic clues and a cyber-trail. And it takes highly specialised investigators to track them. Tomorrow a young Melbourne man is due to be sentenced after becoming one of the first people in the world to plead guilty to attempting to manipulate the stock market using bogus emails.

    24-year-old Steven Hourmouzis was lured by the chance of what he thought would be quick anonymous profits on the Internet, and according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission there is an alarming trend involving young men in their early 20s engaging in criminal activity on the net.

    Despite the exotic vehicle for his crime, in the end, he committed old-fashioned fraud.”

    Now, Stefano Hourmouzis decided to go roulette … kind of Russian roulette for him! And he had to choose a Ion Saliu gambling system! That’s why he had such high regards for yours truly at one point in time …

    The source link:

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation, LATELINE – Late night news & current affairs

    And another link:…6bfeee#msg9330

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    Steven (Stefano) Hourmouzis “Courtesy”: Research, Higher Education, Government

    You won’t believe what means Steven Hourmouzis employed in courting me! I have obtained a whole lot more information on the Internet. Also, I came across emails from Stefano Hourmouzis — under the umbrella of a research company in Australia. I connected the dots today. Like all “good” criminals, Stefano self-destructs. He leaves trails. Good sleuths today sniff the trails and catch them bad guys sooner rather than later.

    It’s incredible that Steven Hourmouzis created a Web site dedicated to a bogus research company. That company is a self-proclaimed pioneer in some high-brow research fields. Among the fields, energy development! That’s how Stefano became a criminal in the first place. He sent millions of emails boosting the prospects of an American energy company. Bogus alright, but those emails netted Steven Hourmouzis $17,000 in one weekend!

    In his own words:

    “I established several successful businesses that funded my energy research (they still continue to do so). However, I still continued to develop and research gambling systems as it was somewhere between an obsession and personal interest. By the time I had successfully developed genuine long-term winning systems, my businesses were doing well enough for me to not need gambling systems.

    I am established with and respected by many energy research groups world-wide and actively assist in the funding and development of alternative technologies research. Some projects I fund myself, while others require external sources as possible projects can cost well over $100m (such as the Searl Disk).

    NOTE: If you would like to contribute to any funding or have skills/knowledge that may assist, please contact me. Any contributions are appreciated.”

    That NOTE above. I had no knowledge of that note or the Hourmouzis Web site. He sent me an email. He praised my ideas and works. Then he asked me to cooperate with that bogus research company. Actually, “they” requested I shared with them my gambling systems that the public had not found out about. Hourmouzis also wanted my software and source code!

    I take a step back, I take a deep breath and I congratulate myself! A number of bastards tried hard to manipulate my feelings of a good human. They badly wanted the source code of my software. I even heard the sentimental threat that they could die if I didn’t send them my software!!! I still made a few mistakes. I also believe I made a contribution to humanity by making available the source code of a few of my programs. Included is source code for roulette software.

    Good thing I did NOT reveal the source code of my roulette program that Stefano Hourmouzis pirated in his “genuinewinner” roulette system. Boy, oh, boy! He would claim now that it’s me who pirated his roulette system! As is, he has not figured out the source code of my RouletteHemis.exe software. He secretly uses my program. The customers send him real roulette spins, table by table. Stefano Hourmouzis then runs my software to find biases at certain roulette tables. That’s the reason why his users can never analyze roulette data on their own and thus discover wheel biases or not.

    This guy is absolutely insane. It might be that he suffers from multiple personality disorder. He could be also another guy in the lottery field. The same insane behavior. Stefano and his multiple incarnations turned virulently hateful toward me. They didn’t get what they wanted — so, what else could he-they do?!

    I believe this is what is a criminal nature. Criminals just can’t control themselves. Stefano Hourmouzis was paroled after three months of prison. He was supposed to continue his good behavior. Yet, he founded a bogus company. He sent deceptive emails on behalf of a false company asking for cooperation, even donations. His “company” promised great yields, as they were partners of Australian universities and government agencies!

    Stefano Hourmouzis took also the immense risk to pirate a roulette system and charge $2500 for it upfront, plus some $2500 afterwards (after a month of winnings or so!) Forget about me. Yes, he pirated one modest roulette system of mine. But everybody can get that roulette strategy for free, by reading and studying a free webpage at my site! How outrageous is it to charge at least $2500 for a system that people can get for free, from the legitimate author of the system?

    YouTube notice when trying to access Stefano Hourmouzis – genuinewinner video touting his piracy of my roulette system ( ):

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

    I guess that must be the irrecoverable nature of criminals. Poor boy! He wants to rot in a dungeon!

    Ion Saliu

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    Improved Roulette System Based on the Wheel Halves (Obliteration of Piracy)

    Here is what happened while in this piracy battle. I came up with great improvements to my roulette system based on the two halves of the wheel.

    I created special forms that can be printed in color and brought to the roulette table in any casino.

    The most important piece is the roulette wheel layout. I created first two Excel spreadsheets, one for the single-zero roulette wheels, one for double-zero tables. I included the 1997-type Excel spreadsheet in the upgraded BrightR.exe integrated roulette software bundle. Also, I exported the two spreadsheets to two PDF files (included in the package). The users can print as many copies as they want to. Read comprehensive details here:

    Upgraded Roulette System Based on Wheel Halves, Sectors, Layout, Bias, Betting.

    Best of luck in the casino!

    Ion Saliu
    Pirate-Destroyer At-Large

  5. A Lesson Learnt

    There are always lessons we learn. I created a simple text file where I write a few lines after each material I publish at my Web site (or in other places, such as these new forums). I do not publish much in other places (forums, for example) anymore. Copyright is the main issue.

    I publish an article, like this recent one on the roulette system based on the halves of the wheel. I write a few lines in that file I named PiracyDefense.txt:

    roulette system based on the halves of the wheel
    roulette system half, hemisphere, section, wheel, layout, bias

    I google or use other search engines on lines in my PiracyDefense.txt file. I know, there are no relevant results soon after I publish my material. But Google will index my materials adequately soon. The search relevancy rises after Google indexes my pages or publications. Then, after one year or so, the acts of piracy will pop-up — if piracy of my ideas is committed.

    They, especially pirates or would-be pirates, claim that ideas cannot be copyright-protected. Say that to the law enforcement! As in this Hourmouzis – genuinewinner case. Goes like, I simply presented an idea (a roulette system). I used the term hemispheres, whereas genuinewinner applied the more accurate term of half of the roulette wheel! I also am the author of a sole roulette software program that tracks in which of the wheel half the roulette ball landed in. The results of that unique piece of software may be used freely by any system developer.

    Tell that to YouTube. They already categorized the Hourmouzis – genuinewinner video asscam and deception. The video was removed. It was the result of my legal actions. For example, I filed a report with a watchdog that fights software piracy and other forms of piracy.

    Meanwhile, other persons filed all kinds of legal complaints against Hourmouzis – genuinewinner. The first result was the removal of the Hourmouzis – genuinewinner videos from YouTube. The final result will be the action of the law enforcement in the Melbourne, Australia, jurisdiction (where Hourmouzis resides and where he had already been sentenced in 2000 for email fraud and other charges).

    I’ll be more on top of it by using this PiracyDefense.txt file. I’ll find out myself about acts of piracies against my creations more promptly. Up until now, I had become aware of such acts of piracies mostly by way of emails from legally-injured customers.

    If something is yours, be merciless in defending what’s yours. Don’t you ever bother yourself with those stupid issues of (false) modesty and narcissism! Up until I published a dedicated Web page (in 2005 … yes that recently!) the only idea was that Zeno’s paradoxes had had no solutions. They had been considered unsolved mysteries. No human could solve a Zenon paradox or aporia or riddle! I published that Web page — and all of a sudden people started to tell me that others had solved the Zenon paradoxes before me! Do the Web log files or archives show such solutions prior to my writing? NOT! That’s why WWW created archives soon after its inception!

    You must fight for what belongs to you. It is a virtue. The real sin is to allow others to rob you. The undeserving lowlifes might shout in public that you are not modest, or that you are bragging, or that you are narcissistic! One must make sure that what is his/hers always belongs to him/her. Muhammad Ali, the greatest champion of them all, was absolutely right.“It ain’t bragging, if you back it up!” Bravo!

    The humorous side of it: People tell me that I should be thankful to my pirates, the likes of Stefano Hourmouzis – genuinewinner! They give the seal of approval to my ideas! They pirate or plagiarize me because they strongly believe I am right. Forget about it! What’s mine is mine, seal of approval or not! Only Truth matters and the truth is above anything and anybody. I have always given credit when credit is due. I’ve never shied away from giving recognition, in mathematics at least, to Pascal or de Moivre, who pioneered formulas that I started with and helped me discover my own formulas, algorithms, and theories.

    Foes see you narcissistic when you hold high the truths they were incapable to discover. Pirates see you truthful for the narcissism they have never experienced and they so badly want to taste.

    The bigger picture:

    Censorship Ideology Religion Money Jealousy Piracy Hatred Ban Internet.

    Homo homini lupus…


    Ion Saliu
    Immodestly At-Large (but truthfully so)