Hourmouzis again taken to court and prosecuted along with his Wife Kylie Tjepkema who is also involved in the scam.


The main CRIMINAL Culprit is ” Steven Hourmouzis” in Australia who operates numerous forums and sells under different names who claims he is a legitimate business. Here is his Own  History to date. .

1) Imprisoned for Scamming and Fraud and using the internet for perpetrating his scam 1999 Read more

2) Forced by US to refund one Victim $8000 who allowed us to show proof  ” PUBLICLY” of the purchase and and what he found wrong with Hourmouzis Roulette Computer and his paper system over an 8 month period after we revealed how Hourmouzis scammed Tony from France. See what the customer found here .

3) 2013 JULY Recently been investigated and reported to the FBI, one Smart guy went above the Police and the Governing ACCC that regulates businesses to FILE A FEDERAL CASE against Hourmouzis and successfully Sued him in an AUSTRALIAN COURT OF LAW for THEFT. The Courts found Hourmouzis business addresses to be all Bogus. When the courts investigating Officers look into it further it was found that Hourmouzis claims to be Destitute of no Fixed address which is partially true. But his accounts were found to have nearly  $50,0000 in Australian Dollars, most of the money coming form his online roulette scams. The address he is currently at is rented and he owns no properties like he claims. The rented property is shared by Kylie Tjepkema and she  also became liable for half of the theft from the victim and is involved in the online theft of peoples money. Anyone wanting to join in a joint ” CLASS ” Claim against Hourmouzis simply have to just send me their name and address and proof of purchase. It will not cost you anything at all and you will be entitled to a full refund. The Police and ACCC are now looking into his business affairs and Criminal Activities.

Hourmouzis offered a challenge to anyone, competitors, interested parties that he could beat online casinos with his systems $100,000 reward, although the guy is a salesman (cough cough) His former Victim took up the offer and this is what happened!  Hourmouzis tried to hack his on-line casino account and possibly steal from the guy. No joke.He also failed the challenge that he had set up himself. HE FAILED HIS OWN CHALLENGE! He writes under many different names, GambleLOTs, DoubleZero, Stephano, Steve , Steven, DZero. Bee Warned about this guy.

So did he pay Tony(BAGO) anything, no, he’s a liar, He jumped from the building flapping his arms yet again. LOL

This is a run down from a genuine Roulette Computer Seller called Forester who runs the site http://myrulet.com and I have utmost respect for his products and knowledge. Hourmouzis has pretended to be one of his customers in the past salting his products, it was only when I got Foresters Products myself that I know that this guy was lying and after checking IPs, it was in fact Hourmouzis up to his old tricks.

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Steve Hourmouzis exposed concerning the online casino challenge. – Roulette-Place Advanced Roulette Forum