Hourmouzis again taken to court and prosecuted along with his Wife Kylie Tjepkema who is also involved in the scam.


The main CRIMINAL Culprit is ” Steven Hourmouzis” in Australia who operates numerous forums and sells under different names who claims he is a legitimate business. Here is his Own  History to date. .

1) Imprisoned for Scamming and Fraud and using the internet for perpetrating his scam 1999 Read more

2) Forced by US to refund one Victim $8000 who allowed us to show proof  ” PUBLICLY” of the purchase and and what he found wrong with Hourmouzis Roulette Computer and his paper system over an 8 month period after we revealed how Hourmouzis scammed Tony from France. See what the customer found here .

3) 2013 JULY Recently been investigated and reported to the FBI, one Smart guy went above the Police and the Governing ACCC that regulates businesses to FILE A FEDERAL CASE against Hourmouzis and successfully Sued him in an AUSTRALIAN COURT OF LAW for THEFT. The Courts found Hourmouzis business addresses to be all Bogus. When the courts investigating Officers look into it further it was found that Hourmouzis claims to be Destitute of no Fixed address which is partially true. But his accounts were found to have nearly  $50,0000 in Australian Dollars, most of the money coming form his online roulette scams. The address he is currently at is rented and he owns no properties like he claims. The rented property is shared by Kylie Tjepkema and she  also became liable for half of the theft from the victim and is involved in the online theft of peoples money. Anyone wanting to join in a joint ” CLASS ” Claim against Hourmouzis simply have to just send me their name and address and proof of purchase. It will not cost you anything at all and you will be entitled to a full refund. The Police and ACCC are now looking into his business affairs and Criminal Activities.


How the genuinewinner.com scam is done . .

Here is a screen shot of what to look for and how he does the scam at genuinewinner.com, you would never ever find these conditions in a real casino!




bagoexposeshourmouzisThe best home videos are here

The scam video used to sell his Roulette Computers and paper system from Australia under many different sites and fake names can be downloaded at several sites distributed by his upset customers, but in every case, he uses a COMMON DEALER SIGNATURE to influence where the ball will land so you think he’s predicting the outcome, but he’s manipulating where the ball will fall. Do not be fooled by such simple trickery. Remember, this criminal has been imprisoned for LYING before. Do  not trust anyone selling such equipment in Australia, you are not protected with the trading standards over there. Proof is that everyone of his customers have reported him to the ACCC in Australia, but the authorities do nothing. Read the evidence of genuinewinner.com purchasers right here on this very site and see that the products do not work.

Although Hourmouzis claims that the number of ball spins fluctuate, the WHEELS ROTOR is travelling consistently throughout all the video at approximately 1 revolution every 5 seconds. These conditions would be never ever found in a real casino. This consistent speed of 5 seconds is the key to him been able to manipulate where the ball will appear by looking at the numbers opposite, hmm, you are thinking, but how? It also does not matter if he is spinning 8.9,10,11,12 revolutions of the ball, it will land approximately in the same half of the wheel! But how? Let me show you.

As we can clearly see, it does not matter to a degree how fast the ball is spun, even making the ball spin 4 revolutions less will hardly make any difference to where the ball falls, it would only still be around only a 1/4 of revolutions of the wheel out. It sound impossible, but 4 extra early revolutions of the ball only total around 1.25 seconds of time, the rotor is travelling at 1 revolution every 5 seconds nearly all the way through hourmouzis video.so

1.25/5= 0.25 of the rotor out even though we have taken away 4 revolutions of the ball and now it only takes 9 revolutions, the prediction is only 0.25 of the rotor out. Sounds impossible, so lets use the exact same graph above and move all ball spins so that only 9 of them is left for the ball to drop instead of 13!

So only 9 spins of the ball to go, using the EXACT ROTOR SPEEDS OF OVER 5 Seconds will produce consistent results within half the rotor, this is how Hourmouzis Tricks you. All he has to do, is look at the NUMBER under an opposite diamond when he releases the ball, spins the rotor at 5 seconds + per revolution of the rotor and the ball will come down with half the rotor!

Now, surely you could apply this to the real casinos, NO, this has been well known for along time and the reasons why the Croupiers all over the world are told not to use slow rotor speeds and to mix the speeds up! This is why you could never apply this system to areal casino. It has nothing to do with magic patterns, its simply to do with consistent ROTOR SPINS and within certain parameters consistent ball spins say between 8 and 14 ! you could take timings of Hourmouzis videos of his ball timings and Rotor timings and it will reveal the trick is done exactly as it is shown here! There is no magic, just a dealers trick and the reason that dealers can spin against you with slow rotors!Download site 1


Download site 2

http://s1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg571/bagobagobago/?action=view&current=stefanosscam.mp4 The Videos are created by third parties who wish to expose Hourmouzis for the criminal and fraud he is. We are not responsible for the hosting the material, we are simply pointing at the material. Obviously Mr Hourmouzis is fuelled by rage and keeps getting them removed because it exposes his scam. If his videos were genuine like he claims, he would allow us to distribute them as an advertisement for his systems surely?

Given a two year prison sentence for internet FRAUD and LYING to people READ COURT CASE HERE!

ABC News report on Steven Hourmouzis Click here!

He claimed to have had workable predictable devices for over 10 year in 2005, still makes this claim, if so, why did he not use his devices in only 1999 when he scammed many people on the internet for only 7000 Australian dollars? How come in his court case did it state  by the Judge he worked ocassionally selling study Guide material and had an irregular income in 1999, no mention of internet millions from roulette prediction devices, no mention at all? On top of this he was still living at home at the age of 24 with mummy and Daddy?

Plus many more ,well over a 100 sites linking to Stefano (Steven George) Hourmouzis sites where he entices you to purchase his roulette computers claiming they make money in the casinos?

We have kept logs over the last 5 years and saved his sites and scamming lies for a court case against this character, it was not until recently that we found his address through private investigators who discovered his Wife’s Face book account through one of his wife’s friends, took pictures of his and his wife’s cars( Cheap  vehicles) and looked into his private financial affairs that we got to know the truth.

Steven Hourmouzis also pretends quite childishly that he can file a lawsuit against us for revealing information he has published himself on numerous websites and message boards, its is himself lying repeatedly, changing his websites as each lie is exposed. We can not be sued for revealing you are lying over and over again Steven, or it it Stefano Hourmouzis, we only point ot actual facts, that is your wealth claims, your product claims, your energy research claims, even your fake name? Will you also sue the hundreds of people that can testify to you lying also on these boards?

This site was created because of the many aliases you have posted under to promote your rubbish roulette computers and systems, your criminal and unethical techniques against genuine people that sell real roulette computers in this area, pretending to be wealthy and manipulating false air plane tickets as customers of yours, pretending to have conferences, that your product is lab tested, the list is endless. It is clear you are mentally ill and cannot help lying. you claimed recently your Wife is a Phenomenon in the Jewellery design industry and used to be a top cat walk model, why lie Steven, you should love your wife for who she is inside, not pretend she is something else, its like you feel ashamed of who she really is and what she has done in life! She stated to me personally that she feels run down and is sick of having to shout to get you to help around the house and you spend all your time sat on your fat ass trying to promote your scam. She tries to make you understand that looking after a child is difficult and just picking up the rubbish off the floor would help her enormously, the pictures below speak for themselves!

Genuinewinner.com he either stole it from Mr oops or Ion Saliu, but check this link out where Ion Saliu claims he stole his system after having contact with the fraudster.

Ion Saliu also cliams claims Steven George Hourmouzis stole his system.
Read more


QUOTE: There is also a special category of attackers: The future pirates of my systems, theories, software. The wormy brains do believe that, by attacking me, I would fold-up shop and run away. That way, they falsely believe, they would have green light to pirate my creations — and thusly make a buck or two off my efforts without challenge.

Here is one of the most blatant cases. In May of 2009, I discovered that an Australian group under the umbrella of genuinewinner.com started to offer one of my roulette systems … as theirs! And what a price the charged: 2500 dollars! The ring leader appears to be one Stefano Hourmouzis (a.k.a. Steve or Steven in gambling forums) who first courted me, then attacked me. The roulette system was heavily advertised on the Internet, plus on YouTube, plus a television documentary. “Roulette System That Won Millions!” “We consider which HALF of the wheel the ball landed in!”

The roulette system was based on my discovery of a gambling system based on the hemispheres or the halves of the roulette wheel. You can read about the piracy in detail and see also the original YouTube video here:


Stefanos so called multimillion dollar home which has an outstanding mortgage on it and they have only paid off 25% Jointly with his wife and are struggling according to his Wife! That includes the gifts from their parents towards the deposit also??  The value of this home even if paid for is below the national average of homes in the United Kingdom for example.Check Stefanos wife reveals the truth here>

The current value of this home is 360,000 AuD, that equals :

Live rates at 2008.05.12 03:30:05 UTC

360,000.00 AUD


173,072.51 GBP

Australia Dollars United Kingdom Pounds
1 AUD = 0.480757 GBP 1 GBP = 2.08005 AUD

Average house price in the UK is 218,500 pounds (453,974.73 AUD) approximately, well above Mr Hourmouzis\home, but click here to check yourself!


Here We see the millionaires living room, the works of art, the expensive furniture, the grandparent type chairs, the running machine in the corner, the tasteful decor, the all so massive flat screen that Kylie , Stefanos wife was so proud of on her Facebook. also note the same carpet and blinds used in his videos, he has no office, another lie and scam, that is the table he uses for his roulette wheel videos. All publicly advertised for the world to see on a free public utility called Facebook. We was sent the link and pages by one of Kylie’s friends who found out what Stefano was up to. This is a recent pic this year. A Question Stefano, if you have really earned all that money like you claim selling devices and running energy research projects, managing international teams of professional gamblers all over the world who send you half their winnings from your device that you claim can make a million a night, then how come your living room looks like some scrubbers on a council estate ?PRICELESS! ( Stefano Hourmouzis) with his Wife Kylie. You ooze class and finesse Stefano, you look like some employee for a kebab house who gets paid out in Kebab meals if you want my opinion, not like the millionaire you claim to be at many sites all over the internet!PRICELESS!

Stefano Hourmouzis claims his real name is ‘Stefano Hourmouzis!’for the last 6 years! FACT,another LIE!, his real name is Steven George Hourmouzis to avoid you doing a search in google and finding his scamming fraudulent criminal record! Authorities have just placed pressure on him to try and clean his act up! Anyone using a fraudulent name to sell you a product that claims to beat roulette is clearly acting in a devious and illegal manner. His pathetic excuse was that his name Steven is ‘Stefano’ in Greek, but he’s actually Australian by birth. This means any criminal can just change their name to another language and claim they are who they say they are, yeah right Steven, of course you can? NOT!Read his Fraudulent activities from his COURTCASEwhich can be purchased onlineRead the court case Click Here!
Claims to have sold over 200 roulette computers at 5000 dollars each? = 1 million Australian Dollars FACT, Another LIE!, complete and utter tripe, check his living room below and the price of his home jointly with his wife who also has her own internet business! Many people can verify his claims made at http://wwwgamblersglen.com/ and various other sites.
Claim to have sold over 500 Genuinewinner paper systems at 2000 dollars each = 1 million Australian Dollars. FACT check his living room below and the price of his home, how much hes paid off!He even manipulated a screen shot of an online gaming company claiming he had made 4000 dollars in just 4 hours to try and sell his genuinewinner.com system. It was spotted by a user of that same company that something did not add up, check this out yourselves, this guy will use any illegal tactic to sell his products, because they do not work for real. Click Here!
Claims to have run a multimillion network of roulette computer teams around the world sharing profits on a 50/50% basis, boy he must be raking it in for this alone! FACT.Another LIE! Complete rubbish, not one person is sending him a share of their money from his roulette computer use, because this is a total fabrication to make you think he is wealthy and that is product works. His living room and house below show the facts!
Posts all over the internet under fake alias names pretending to have visited himself and claims that he is indeed wealthy and has people visiting him. FACT, Another LIE! not one person has ever visited him in all the times he has been selling roulette systems, for they would have seen his home below, his cheap cars on the drive proving he is indeed a scammer and clearly is mentally ill pretending to be something he’s not. Some of Stefano’s neighbors contacted us after seeing the site and could not believe this guy made all these claims, one them said that he had claimed to be in touch with aliens from another planet through a device he had made and they thought maybe he had to much to drink at the barbie, sound familiar? Another claim he made at a barbie was that he was a property investor and Energy Researcher, when challenged and asked for evidence, he was stuck for words and left the barbecue and party embarrassed.Many people can verify his claims made at http://wwwgamblersglen.com/posting under Doublezero as a supposed customer of Stefano claiming Stefano is wealthy and has the technology? Check pictures of his home belowWell its obvious that the character ‘DoubleZero’ is in fact Stefano himself fabricated documentation in the form of air tickets to sound convincing, is there no level this guy is willing to go to obtain a sale? The recent pictures of his living room say this scammer is not Wealthy at all, just a mentally ill conman and criminal that has no morals or ethics in business.Read more about about this Click Here!
Claims he is a legitimate seller and a genuine law abiding person. FACT, another LIE!, he is clearly mentally unstable and does not know what is right and wrong, he was given a 2 year prison sentence after the FBI and criminal authorities all over the world tracked his illegal and highly fraudulent activities in Australia for making a mere  7000 Australian dollars, would you risk going to prison for such a low amount if you had genuine workable roulette computers?Read the court case Click here!He then tries to soften his three accounts of fraudulent activity in what he claims is a ‘no hype’ version at his site pretending to be some innocent person who did not know the LAW, hacking other peoples servers to spam the world claiming that shares will go up in a company is highly illegal, the Law did not take his his ‘No Hype’ version too seriously either when they gave him a two year prison sentence! The guy lives in a real dream world of make believe!
Claims his devices were LAB TESTED by the local Universities FACT, Another LIE, we contact all the universities in Australia showing the claims at his site and asking if they had done the testing, ALL of them replied that they had never heard of this character at all or his company or had any inquiries to do with roulette prediction devices, it can be seen from the pictures of his home taken recently this year that he has not got a pot to piss in! In Feb 07 he claimed it was being Lat Tested, still no evidence, the answer is when will it be ever tested? Again exposed, read more Click Here!
Claims to have had the Planned to host the worlds first ROULETTE CONFERENCE at the Hilton Hotel on the grounds of a famous Melbourne Airport last year! FACT, another LIE, the hotel was contacted and asked when the conference was going to be, the manager replied that they had no booking for a conference in the name of Hourmouzis or his site promotion company that year, let alone that month! Again, his mental illness and that this character needs help is clearly obvious. He then said it had been postponed, they was contacted again, they stated that there had also been no cancellations by this character or his company? He was exposed by a famous roulette systems researcher in the states, read more here about it at this message board , and scan down to read the post by ‘Teorulte’   Click Here
Claims to invested heavily in Alternative Energy Research FACT, another misleading exaggeration, he has to some degree, but lets get a measure of what hes actually invested, he purchased a Thermos flask Type ‘Joe Cell’ that simply splits the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis that every high grade kid knows how to do in science , but Stefano thinks this is some magical free energy that is called Orgone. Its not, he also purchased a car with a Joe Cell attached to it ( for a very small price, a few hundred dollars), unknowingly ripped off as the Joe Cell has no proven scientific basis for producing any sort of free energy and is not accepted in the scientific community, not at any time has it ever been proven that a ‘JOE CELL’ can give a quantitative measure of free energy. This is pure childish nonsense that Stefano, oops, I mean Steven can never substantiate in a million years. Click here to read more about this Lunatic’s claims. The guy is simply not intelligent enough to compete with real experts in this field, its all a scam to make you believe this guy is some genius and has money to spare, check his living room and the rest of the pic at his house that were publicly placed on the net by his wife using the internet public utility Facebook further down this page. Is this the living room of a multimillionaire energy researcher, more the room of some dysfunctional individual with mental health problems if he thinks we are going to BELIEVE he has sold 2 million dollars of roulette computers and invests in energy research! Stefano believes in ORGONE, which is a mystical and metaphysical energy, it is not real, it does not really exist, but Stefano thanks it does, all we ask along with all the scientific departments around the world, is SIMPLY SHOW US THE EVIDENCE! I hope is computer programs do not work on the same metaphysical garbage LOL
Claims to have invested 300,000 dollars developing the hybrid computer FACT, another Lie, go to his site http://www.hybridroulettecomputer.com/and read this paragraph quote:”So I have decided to make only TEN units to be available publicly, at US$100,000 per unit. If that sounds expensive, consider that correct application at a few different casinos can easily earn the operators over $100,000 in one week, without ever being noticed.”Comment from us, then how come you have not gone and used it for just 3 weeks to pay off the 270000 Australian dollars you owe on your own home then ? How come you do not have antiques, oil paintings, works of art in your home below, how come you owe money |75% of your mortgage| if your products are so good? , It simply does not add up Stefano, it only adds up to BS and a scam from you!
Claimed he was a customer of himself and pretended that he was wealthy to attract other suckers into his scam. FACT , ANOTHER LIE! I set a challenge to him and he accepted, that I provide either footage of a wireless timing pen linked to my roulette computer(Click Here) which he claims is impossible or alternatively tell him the first thing I see on his roulette computer screen. I provided footage of ther pen and and wanted footage of this so called purchaser ‘DoubleZero’ in Washington showing Stefano’s phone as part of the bet. This doubleZero character claimed yet again Stefano was indeed wealthy, yet the recent pictures of his living room say otherwise on this site!  He could not prove he was a customer, but everyone knew on the site that DoubleZero was in fact Stefano. Click here to see whole thread! Watch how he manipulates and backs down to my request of him to honor the bet providing evidence of having Stefano’s product showing a famous landmark in the background in Washington. Pics are faked by Stefano in Photoshop, but its a little more difficult to fake in a video at short notice. I wanted to EXPOSE him for spending his time trying to scam people posting under aliases. He claims I have posted under many aliases, but I do not need too. He also involves ones of his new customers in the thread who fell for his scam called ‘Bago’ who also joins in with abuse and false claims against me. What is ironic is this person paid Stefano 5000 dollars for his phone computer and his genuine winner system and had it for 8 months. But in a twist of fate, ‘Bago’ visited our other site http://www.computeroulette.com/ that shows how Stefano cons people because he influences the ball and wheel to produce the results, results you would never find in a casino. Bago shows proof of his sale of Stefanos device, and copies of emails he send to Stefano telling him that the product was not what Stefano had claimed. In the whole of the 8 months, neither system produced any profit for Tony ( Bago), so he allowed us to post this evidence at our site to EXPOSE stefano as a Scammer.
Claims to be an expert in the IT industry Fact, yet another post made under his Alias ‘DoubleZero’ ( Stefano Hourmouzis) claiming to be an expert in the IT Industry as well as Energy Researcher, Roulette prediction expert, gems dealer, there is no level to this guys insecurities, oh and a multimillionaire LOL Click Here!
Claims to have offices FACT, Another Lie, Then How come in all his videos, the same carpet and blinds are in the videos, even his cat is in one of the videos, this is obviously done at his home, not at any offices, the guy cannot even afford a decent Flat screen or furniture, let alone offices.
Claimed to have received over 20 million dollars to purchase his Site Promotions company If my home looked like that, I would have sold buddy for 20 million dollars, oh what a joke you are Stefano!Click Here to read more!His Wife commented that they had just won 10,000 dollars for a funny animal video at her fathers stables, she states that at last they can actually afford to have the back yard done up which has had nothing done to it, which can be seen from the aerial photo. I will add a video of the dialogue of Kylie and a friend to prove its authentic. Where is your millions Stefano, where is your shares from roulette teams around the world, your sales of roulettre computers, your so called successful site promotion company. PRICELESS! Read the dialogue on this very site!
Has made many many claims against Mark Howe of predictroulette.com, claiming all sorts of Lies, many construed and created by Stefano himself with false supporting evidence FACT, another load of lies, who could possibly ever believe such a guy with the overwhelming evidence here of this guys claims of wealth and the REAL TRUTH SHOWING WHAT HE IS REALLY ABOUT AND WORTH! Mark Howe even exposed his lies with the GBGB gaming board in the UK, but Mr Hourmouzis is still claiming that letters presented at Mark Howes site are forged by Mark himself, but a video will be presented shortly showing all email exchanges with GbGB and video proof of the Franking machine envelope from GBGB that cannot be faked. He also incorrect makes false claims about where Mark Howe Lives.This guy Stefano hourmozis in a pathological Liar aimed at obtaining sales by any means whatsoever.
He also claims Mark Howe posted letters to his Parents neighbors exposing him FACT, another lie, if that was the case anyway, so what, you deserve to be exposed, you are a lying scumbag that cannot help being a pathological liar and ruining peoples life’s, you are truly one sick individual. The truth remains, if that was fact, Mark Howe would post to your neighbors right now, but they ALL already know about your scam through someone else Stefano.
Stefano states he has nothing to worry about regards refunding people, his products are genuine~! FACT, another lie, just hope you can sleep at night, but like you say, if you have nothing to worry about, then that’s fine!

Much more will be added, we just need legal clearance before we post the most juicy bits of information on this criminals financial status!

Here is an areal view of the so called multimillionaires home at 2 Warrior Court, Lilydale 3140 , Melbourne, Australia!

On the left of the main road is the Rich people with the pools etc that Stefano led us all to believe he had, but the truth is, he lives on the right side in the smallest house on the road that is below average house prices in the United Kingdom, well below, and hes not even paid for it yet!

Lets take a closer look at Stefano’s Average home that has a 75% mortgage left on it, hey you say, I thought he was a millionaire, it says so all over the internet, well sorry to burst your bubble folks, Stefano has little money, but what about the money from the professional gambling teams all over the world that make millions and send him half the money, again you have been scammed, its all pure utter Bullshit from Stefano’s own mouth to lead you into believing that he is genuine and the real thing and his products are superior, all clever psychology to trick you into parting with your money. The truth is is sales figures are only a few sales a year, he only tricks maybe a hand full of suckers with his Rubbish. If any of his claims were true, why does he owe the outstanding balance of 270,000 Australian Dollars on the house, the house only cost 360,000 AD, His wife has her own business, most of the money paid off on the home was from their parents, so as only 90,000 Australian dollars has been paid off, we have to ask how much actually has Stefano paid off his house himself, not much to show from a so called self acclaimed millionaire is it?

The story begins with him constantly attacking our character and products at his simple and cheap sites that he knocks up himself in Frontpage with his wife’s help, Her site is also done believe it or not in the same format and layout selling cheap Jewelry. Not the sites of someone that has got money, according to our own Web Site development company who originally raised suspicions about his wealth and claims. We contacted the Jewelry store online and was kept waiting for 3 weeks before she replied, when we inquired about her products, she stated she had little stock in and money was tight at the moment. Hey you say, but her Husband is a millionaire?

We hired Private investigators to find out more about Stefano, his lifestyle and his self proclaimed wealth and posed as customers of his Wife who we know would reveal much much more about their lifestyle that Stefano Hourmouzis would, We managed to track down where he was renting which was a bit of a dump and according to Kylie had a leaking roof when it rained. His wife thought we were just a customer of hers interested in jewelry on a number of occasions. We soon got the whiff that they would be buying a house, Kylie was expecting, they had recently got married and Kylie’s Father and Stefano father had offered to place a large deposit down to start them off, you guessed it, before that Stefano and Kylie rented, this is very recent, yet he has claimed to be a millionaire for quite some time!





This site is a collection of information and hard evidence found around the net like Hourmouzis Prison sentence, His victims proof of purchase and them asking for his guaranteed refund that he promised. It has been put together by his victims so that they might luckily be heard by the Authorities in Australia and something done about this person. One of the victims managed to speak to his wife posing as one of her friends on Facebook and she reveals his lies and BS.