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We Exposed and Roulette in Australia for ineffective products and his list of Victims who purchased his scam. His Roulette Computers comparison chart is made to try and convince you his products are the best but they do not work and his Paper system does not work. One guy had both for over 8 months, paid $8000 dollars and only lost money. Be careful of this extremely dishonest and manipulative person, he has done time in prison before for internet Fraud ans scamming, we show his victims and his court case and a lot more.

If you wish to know how to beat roulette with genuine products, then go to

Oh at first glance a lot of work has gone into it, but you can see that he clearly rates his own products and slates everyone elses! This is complete rubbish, all fabricated and all lies, but what do you expect from someone that has been imprisoned for Lying their backside off! Read his courtcase on this very site and know the truth. Avoid purchasing any such devices from Australia, this guy steven hourmouzis runs several fake message board and forum sites, all aimed and conning you out of money. His new scam is offering a complete load of twaddle for free claiming it will give you an edge  in exchange for your email address. Nothing in this world is free, its mind numbing rubbish that we show why it does not work at in the VB section.

He claims after finding our that java does not support timing operations that he places a chip inside the phone, a timing ocillator that the Java phone can call. What a load rubbish Steve, this guy just cannnot stop lying. We took one of his new phones to bits, there is no extra components, the guy just lies and lies to cover his tracks. We alsoshow how he fakes his footage right here on this site and why you dont need his computer or his genuinewinner system to beat his footage. He is not using either, just dealer signature to trick you.

Its strange, but among all the roulette computer sellers, this site shows the greatest number of unhappy customers , we have had over 50 complaints alone and the guy only has sold about 60 systems since been in business. so around 80% of them are unhappy. He first claimed we were lying, then after we showed evidence by the unhappy customers showing proof of purchase and posting their transactions on this site, he claimed they were all stupid. Still Steven Hourmouzis, Where is the 200% REFUNDS you have promised at your sites. The authorities are looking into it right now!

Avoid this Fraudster and remember hes done time for Internet fraud and was imprisoned previously.