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It may seem genuine when reading positive reviews of products on forums or message boards, but who actually owns them? Its worth finding out, because it could all be there to lure you in and trick you into purchasing a sellers product that actually does not work.

It could also exist to Flame other sellers of such products claiming that they were victims of the competitors failing products.


Dicky Posted:

I am glad I found this board, I too have been scammed by Joe bloggs, I want a refund, his products are rubbish.


At the same site:

Johno posted:

Hey Steven

Your product is clearly the best, I have over 20,000 Dollars since having your roulette computer.



These were written by me obviously, but imagine now that I own the site and my name is Steve and Joe Bloggs is my competitor. People believe that Steves products are good and Joe Bloggs Products are bad because they are fooled into thinking that Dicky and Johno really exist!

Hmm, you are thinking, would someone do this?

Yes, Steven Hourmouzis does this, he also signs in under different names at other owners sites promoting this way.

He was found out at his own site when he stupidly replied to a question when he was actually logged in as one of his most successful players called Ronjo. 

The rest of the REAL members saw this and instantly knew that Steven Hourmouzis was in fact setting them up with fake reviews of his products at his own site.

Taken from Bagos site who was a member of Steven Hourmouzis forum and one of his purchasers

This had been conforted by  “Ronjo”, a so called very trusted, knowledgeable and well respected forum member, that Stefano chose for an independant test of his computer. So now, it appears clearly that both are one and same person, and again this independant test was just another trickery from Stefano to prove that his computer works. Stefano has been caught posting with the nickname “Ronjo” on his message board. This idiot forgot to log off his fake account to answer a poster about a system challenge. He has been trapped in his own trap. Truth is always known eventually.

Fake Name


 So Steven hourmouzis Replied under Ronjos Post name, meaning Ronjo does not exist!

It was also the same scenario at Gamblersglen where Mark Howe was attacked a member calling himself DoubleZero claiming he had purchased  Hourmouzis computer in person and had visited him in Australia and had been to Steven Hourmouzis multi million pound officesand hourmouzis wealth.. Mark Howe asked for proof of a plane ticked, sure enough Hourmouzis created one in Photoshop that was an obvious fake. Howe pushed further and said then show us the roulette computer phone screen with a famous landmark in the background in the USA, this he could not do and it was obvious Hourmouzis was promoting his scam through fake IDs yet again. This is how this guy  Hourmouzis operates.

But remember folks, only pay 10%of a systems cost until you are absolutely sure it works! Also only pay through payment protection schemes likePAYPAL or EBAY! This is how Mark Howe sells his products at http://predictroulette.com